TGIFF – Xmas is Here!

For a little while now I have been linking up with TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday) linky party.  For those who are unfamiliar with linky parties they are an avenue where bloggers can share particular blog posts with each other – the linky party provides a central ‘venue’ to view a photo and provide a link to each shared post.  Today I am fortunate to play ‘hostess’ to this week’s linky party.

Hello and Welcome to any new visitors to my blog.  I am Karen – a Mum to five special kiddos and Wife to one special Hubby.  My life is about Family and Quilts!  I design quilts, I make quilts, I work in a patchwork shop.  And knit and crochet in the time left after blogging about all my quilting adventures!

I have recently discovered the joys of working with felt – it is easy to cut into lovely shapes, it doesn’t fray and working with raw edges is a dream!  As well as making xmas gifts for my Family (I like for everyone to have one handmade item) I wanted to make something xmassie for the house.  Since time is a little scarce (and I always have more ideas for projects than I could possibly make – sound familiar anyone?!?!?) I restrained myself and decided to make a felt xmas star garland.  Very simple – felt cut into stars (two for each completed star) and buttonhole stitched (by hand) together with a piece of very thin ric rac ‘threaded’ through.

I am very happy with the way it has all come together and very pleased to be able to say Thank Goodness It Is Finished!

Until next time, happy quilting, knitting, sewing, crafting ….

Until next time, happy sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and crafting ....



  1. You are busy lady indeed.

  2. Your stitching is so neat, Karen!

  3. Your decorations look lovely! I love your star garland :)

  4. Gorgeous garland – you’re stitching is amazing!

  5. That is such a cute garland! I wish I had of had time to make some Christmas decorations – but will be sure to start early in time for next year lol

  6. Hey, that star garland is really cool :D

  7. This garland is really fun! I wouldn’t have thought of using felt, but that’s really very clever! :)

  8. Nice garland – your stitching is so perfect! Very festive too!

  9. So cute, I love that you used ricrac with it!

  10. Gorgeous – felt is a wonderful fabric!

  11. Your little stars and banner are beautiful!


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