A New Crochet Along

You may remember from a relatively recent post that I am a serial ‘over-committer’ and with all the endless possibilities blogland presents to ‘care, create and communicate’ that I often overdo the ‘commit’.  .  Well I...

Aussie Swap Blocks – January and February

Time today to share my latest news in my Quilting Block Swaps Australia group.  I always refer to this as Aussies Block Swap so pardon me if I swing between the two names!  These four blocks are my ‘give’ (top) and ‘get’ (bottom)...

It’s Covert Robin Time Again

it’s time to sign up for this year’s covert robin! what is the covert robin? a round-robin gift exchange of handmade presents. you get to make something special for another blogger, and you’ll also receive your very own handmade present from a...

I Have a Valentine!

Yes I do and after being nigh on 24 years together our romance is still well and truly alive!! I don’t write about my beautiful Family all that often on my blog but every now and then something extra special happens and I like to tell my good blogging buddies....

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