One undeniable truth about creativity is that there is no ‘one size fits all’! Creativity is as unique and ecclectic as it is diverse and beauty is most definitely ‘in the eye of the beholder’! And why would we want it to be any other way?

Last friday I met up with my Daughter for a day in Melbourne.  We decided to visit my Son at his work for lunch and I just have to share with you the environment he works in.


Welcome to the world of Timothy Oulton – high end furniture with a definite attitude!

Their motto is:

“There is character and soul in what we do. The material we use, the link to heritage, the designs, that combination is unique.“

And so it is …….

The company is a world wide phenomenon with stores in most parts of the globe.  Clearly I live in a sheltered environment, because they were not on my personal radar until my Son went to work for them.  This post is not meant to be a detailed profile of the company but rather a retrospective photographic tour of my lunch date with my Son and Daughter.  When I saw the interior of the store I knew I had to share it with my creative brethren.  So …..

I don’t know that I could ever live in such an atmosphere but it sure made an entertaining afternoon.  And, yes, that is an original yellow submarine produced in the 1950’s and used as a mine sweeper in the Gulf War! And the tennis racket ceiling rose – vintage wooden tennis rackets from the ’50s and ’60s collected from around the world.

What I would have liked to have taken home – that gorgeous Remington typewriter, that fabulous stack of books (well maybe only some!) and I definitely don’t think they would miss one or two of those fab suitcases!

The day we visited was a special industry day and so we were serenaded by a great guitar and vocal duo and were fed champers (and no, I didn’t – I had to drive home!) and scones and little cup cakes with lemon cream icing topped with the Union Jack!

So, if you are ever in Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne and want to stretch your appreciation for ‘creativity with a difference’ drop in and be prepared to be amazed!

Until next time, happy sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and crafting ....

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