Have you ever seen something, fallen in love, obsessively,  and known you were in trouble? Let me wipe the stardust from my eyes to tell you a little tale!

A Little Tale

Last thursday, whilst on her way home from collecting her boys from school, a harried Mum, who just happened to be a sewist and lover of vintage stuff, was walking very quickly from the local petrol station (where she had left her boys with a few dollars to spend each) to the post office to collect a parcel – and no, of course, it wasn’t fabric or yarn 😉 !

Anyway, as she hurried by the adjacent little row of shops, she stopped cold as a special something in the window of one caught her eye.  Instantly, her skin went clammy, her heart rate picked up and her eyes glazed over, for there right in the window were copies of Australian Home Journal. Ooo – so beautiful and original.  Inside she rushed and wow – there were more.  Sadly, she knew she couldn’t stay because, after all, how long would a few dollars last two small boys where lollies and ice creams were concerned – but she vowed she would be back sans small people!

Skip to the following morning – trying to maintain a publicly reasonable pace, said Mum burst gently through the door of the little shop (Divine Vintage), held her breath and reverantly picked up the top copy from the stack.  Leafing through page after page she couldn’t be content with just one so, of course, she chose two! 1956 and 1958 – almost 60 years old. Mmmm the photos were beautiful, the pages were brownish and the smell was, indeed, divine.  So many wonderful dress designs for both women and children. Aren’t the necklines of  ’50s dresses just so varied and great? She could see many a new summer garment creeping into her wardrobe! And a knitting and crochet pattern as well.  She was humming a little tune by now!

These magazines are so wonderful – women’s social and cultural history just there waiting to be explored.  The original sewing patterns were also in the copies – wow, so different from today’s patterns.  It is obvious how much sewing women did then by the lack of construction details and pattern markings are non-existent.  And, the pattern was only given in one size with no directions on how to adjust or grade for different sizes! Pretty much forgotten skills for women of today.

One detail that did surprise the Mum – in two magazines of not many pages (nearly said ‘slim’ but thought the pun too obvious!) there were a total of 9 ads for weight loss products and/or programmes – seems like some things never change!  This ad even a full page:

Now, we all like a happy ending to every little tale, so without any further ado ……. the Mum giddily meandered home, sat down with a lovely honey and lemon tea and had herself a little jaunt back in time.  Happily, she knows where more of the magazines are to be found and feels, that as addictions and obsessions go, she is pleased as punch that this is hers!

The End.

Author:     The Mum

Photographs:     Cotton Factory


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Until next time, happy sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and crafting ....

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