This is my first blog post since I transferred my blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress and designed and launched my new website.   So I have my fingers crossed that everything works out as it is meant to!

Things have been very busy of late – lots of things going on at once.  I have been working on my website and have still not finished! It is a work in progress, although it is functionally working.  Lots of images still to add and shop details to finesse but overall it is quite fine I think!!

I have been working on many magazine commissions for both Handmade Magazine and Love Sewing Australia Magazine.

I have been attending a few craft shows and introducing many folk to the marvelous Pattern Drafter Ruler.  The shows have been fun, meeting lots of new people and getting to know show life from ‘the other side of the table’! Maria Opresnik, the fabulous creator of the Pattern Drafter, came to visit me at The Australian Sheep and Wool show and at the Craft and Quilt show I met up with Yan Pring, the wonderful gal who first taught me to quilt many years ago.



I have been teaching many classes, both retail and private.  Many lovely, lovely ladies have invited me into their homes to help them draft and fit their dress, sleeve, collar and pants blocks.  It is such an honour to be welcomed into someone’s private sanctuary and to help with something as personal as garment fitting.  I am always treated so very well, fed the most hearty of lunches and introduced to pampered pooches and felines. Wonderful! And the retail classes for the Pattern Drafter have been going so well – and crochet, I can’t keep up with the demand, simply not enough saturdays free to schedule all the classes I could fill! Woo hoo for the make it yourself era.


I have also been restructing the way I disseminate all the information, tips, tricks and techniques I am acquiring along my various crafting journeys.  I have moved away from Feedburner and embraced Mailchimp as my email provider of choice.  They are much more versatile and allow me to take charge of the way I send you information.

I now have four different newsletters – sounds excessive I know but I think the choices are logical, allowing you to only receive the kind of information that interests you.

General Newsletter

All blog posts will be sent to those who signup to receive the General Newsletter as an email.

Thimble Thursday

This newsletter is all about sewing – from garments to home and fashion accessories.

Crochet Chatter

This newsletter is all about crochet and yarns.

Pattern Drafting – Tips & Techniques

This newsletter is for those who love drafting their own sewing patterns. Note: if you have purchased The Pattern Drafter Ruler from me you are automatically signed up for this newsletter.

 You can find the signup subscription forms for all these newsletters on my Newsletter page.

Once you have signed up for any or all of these newsletters you will have access to the past newsletters in this category (once there is some of course!).

It is my intention to start sending out the new newsletters (not all at once!) in the next week or so, so be sure to sign up relatively soon so you don’t miss any information.

Until next time, happy sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and crafting ....

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