Hi everyone.  It has been quite a little while since I last wrote a blog post.  But so much has changed for me in this time ‘in between’.

First and foremost, I have moved my Family from the idyllic peace of the Victorian countryside to the bustling metropolis that is Melbourne.  ‘Are you mad?’ I can hear some of you shouting!!!  Well, some days I still think so …. but mostly I am enjoying myself.  I am now close to my two beloved older kiddos who had moved out of home a few years ago.  I missed them fiercely and, for a Family as close as ours, not seeing them often enough left a bleeding ‘hole’ in our whole. Since moving we have enjoyed coffee get togethers, clothes shopping (a rare treat for one who mostly sews all her garments!), summer days at the beach, movies and popcorn, driving lessons (and yes, my gal got her licence and a new car), back verandah four square (a ball game) with much laughter and howling, and the list goes on and on.



But, boy oh boy, moving a large Family and packing and unpacking a large house is exhausting ….. so I decided to give myself some time off.  Last year was huge for me and Sew Well Maide.  Four major craft shows, so many private classes, classes at Cotton Factory (who woulda thought so many gals, young and old, wanted to learn how to crochet!!), designing for three national magazines, a new website with a new online shop (designed by me and 90% of the techno stuff done by moi as well), garments designed, drafted and sewn, stuff knitted and crocheted … and … to round out the year I was invited to present a hands on Personal Development class for the Design and Technology Teachers Association of Victoria on how to use The Pattern Drafter in the high school classroom – right in the middle of packing!  Phew!!! So, I was determined to have a rest.  And, you know, it is much harder than you think to do that!  When you are used to running on high octane gas it is very difficult to turn into a slug! But I was determined!  I read heaps of books, caught up on TV series and movies and generally just languished as much as I could.



But now it is time to jump back on my roller skates and get back to business.  The plan this year (and, of course, like all plans it is quite fluid!) is to start on all the newsletter series you have all been signing up for, make stuff, establish some retail teaching bases in Melbourne, make stuff, add some more haberdashery and tools to my online shop, make stuff, edit some new books being released by Maria on The Pattern Drafter, make stuff ……

I would love to touch base with some sewists and yarnophiles  in Melbourne for the occasional personal sewing and ‘yarning’ day.  I left all my sewing circle and yarn buddies back in Ballarat and am lonely here without them! If you could email me I would be grateful 🙂

One of the huge bonuses of living in a big city is the juicier cultural banquet.  I will leave you with some photos of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition that I recently attended with my fashion loving Son at the National Gallery of Victoria.  The exhibition is now closed.  Jean Paul is renowned for his avant garde style and he certainly lived up to his reputation! Some of his garments took hundreds hours to create by hand, he has dressed some of the pop worlds most controversial figures (Madonna), and his fascination with the British punk movement of the ’80’s inspired some truly breath taking ensembles!  Yarn peeps – don’t miss the exquisite knitted and crocheted garments.  Anyway ….. beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Enjoy.


Until next time, happy sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and crafting ....

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