A Successful Day

On the saturday just past I held my first Crochet with Karen day – well, strictly speaking four hours!  A chance for those with a love of crochet to gather together and spend some time hookin’ away with like minded souls. The get together was held at...

Pom Pom Chic

As you must be aware by now (I have blathered on about it in previous posts!!) I have been teaching sewing classes at my local haberdashery shop – have I mentioned that they have buttons galore baby!!!  Along with my Sewing for Beginners and Sewing –...

Sew with Love Sewing Machine Cover

Have you ever found a fabric that seemed to appear just when you were thinking about something specific?  It’s amazing how that happens isn’t it?? Recently, I needed to design a project for my students who had recently ‘graduated’ from my...

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