The Pattern Drafter

You’ve bought the fabric, you’ve cut it out, you’ve used your best sewing skills and employed the most efficient techniques you know. Eagerly you try it on ……. and sigh in frustration because it doesn’t fit well.

The solution to this all too common scenario – drafting the pattern youself to fit your unique body shape.  A wonderful product – The Pattern Drafter Ruler – allows you to quickly and easily do just that. Even if you have no previous pattern drafting experience.

Whether you want to design your own clothes or create and sell your own label, this easy to use pattern drafting ruler, with a step-by-step instruction book, features many popular designs and pattern variations. This is truly a fast and easy way of making your own patterns, that fit you! The Pattern Drafter Ruler – puts you in charge of the perfect fit.

The Products

Have a quick look at what The Pattern Drafter is all about.  See it in action.

THE PATTERN DRAFTER has all dimensions calculated for you eliminating the need for you to do any lengthy and challenging mathematics. You simply follow the step-by-step instructions starting with how to take your basic measurements. Then, you transfer these measurements onto paper using THE PATTERN DRAFTER. The Block Pattern is made to YOUR measurements ensuring a perfect fit. Front and back patterns can usually be made within minutes. The Block Pattern is ready to use as it is or it can be modified into any design imaginable.

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